Style and traditions of the inhabitants


(20mq ca.)

Superior Duplex

(40mq ca.)

Deluxe Triple

(40mq ca.)

Deluxe Quadruple

(50mq ca.)

Junior Suite

(35mq ca.)

Junior Suite Deluxe

(35mq ca.)

Suite Deluxe

(50mq ca.)


Excutive Family

Excutive Suite

Excutive Suite Deluxe

  • Camera Classic

  • Camera Superior Duplex

  • Camera Deluxe Tripla

  • Camera Deluxe Quadrupla

  • Camera Juinior Suite

  • Camera Junior Suite Deluxe

  • Camera Suite Deluxe

  • Camera Executive

  • Camera Executive Family

  • Camera Executive Suite

  • Camera Executive Suite Deluxe

The restoration to new life of the vernacular architecture of Castel del Giudice is being completed

Currently 32 housing units are available; the final reception capacity is estimated to be about one hundred beds.

Inside the houses the design respects the style and traditions of the inhabitants, with sobriety and simplicity, without giving up the modern comforts essential for the guests. Houses of different sizes are available, depending on the number of guests per unit. Each house offers: free wifi, minibar, safe, kitchenette. Availability of houses with usable fireplaces.

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