Food tours

The hills of Molise are rich in food traditions. Our cuisine is inspired by local ingredients, and we can take you to see the local production of cheeses such as mozzarella, caciocavallo, and stracciata. Or how about a truffle hunt, a tour of apple orchards, or a trip to see traditional sweets being made. Tours

Wildlife trails

With its rich wildlife and proximity to The National Park of Abruzzo (15km), Lazio and Molise, the countryside around our hotel at Borgotufi offers many opportunities for nature lovers. Guided tours can take you on treks, mountain biking trails and rafting excursions along the Sangro valley and its river. Adult or child, expert or beginner,

Apple orchard visits

Borgotufi village is surrounded 40 hectares of apple orchards, run by the Melise company. They are responsible for some 130,000 plants, producing 13 varieties of apples, many of which are traditional or native to the region. These include limoncella, zitella and “frozen” apple. These names were used for the roads that run through the restored
The Molise area is rich in historic buildings, archeological sites, castles and cathedrals. This was where the Osca Tablet with its important ancient inscriptions was found – a 2,000 year old tablet that is now in the British Museum. Our tours include visits to the Sannita Theatre at Pietroabbondante, the archeological site at Sepini and